Your Questions Answered About Purchasing Real Estate

                          ***Information is specific to the states of Massachusetts and Rhode island


       The purpose of this website is to educate the first time home buyer about buying a home. Below you will find details about each section of this site.

The Home Buying Process- Here you will find information about the process and procedures for buying a home, outlined from beginning to end.

Rent to Own, Short Sales and Foreclosures- Here you will find information regarding the short sale and foreclosure processes, as well as information about Rent to Own properties.

Finding A Lender- Here you will find suggestions on ways to search for Mortgage Lenders.

Property Search-Above are State Specific links to Property Search Engines, so that you can browse properties, see what properties are available and what the property purchase price is listed as. Please email or regarding any properties that you have questions about!

If You Have Any Questions:

Contact a Real Estate Broker!

Call-(774) 534-8277......Ask for Blanche Thomas

Contact a Real Estate Attorney!

Call-(617) 827-8614......Ask for Katie Sheehan

***Feel Free To Call, Text or Email Either Of Us With Any Questions, Or to set up an appointment for a free real estate consultation. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your Real Estate needs!***

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